Reserve Profile

The Reserve is part of Bandhavgarh-Sanjay -Guru Ghasidas-Palamau landscape and has been identified as one of the potential tiger meta-population landscapes which are currently in need of conservation inputs. Various perennial rivers flow through the Reserve viz. Gopad, Banas, Mawai, Mohan, Kodmar, Umrari etc. Rivers Gopad and Banas flow into the river Son to form Son-gharial Sanctuary which is one of thefive places in the world where the critically endangered gharials are breeding in their natural habitat.

Core Area of the Reserve: 812.581

Buffer Area: 861.930

Total Area: 1674.511

Longitude: 23° 48' 24" to 24° 7' 38" North

Latitude: 81° 28' 30'' to 82° 14' 38" East

Altitude: 212 m to 538 m above MSL

Rainfall: 1100 mm

Temperature: 30°C


Summer (April ~ Mid June)

Monsoon (Mid June ~ Late September)

Winter (October ~ Mid February)

Core Zones for Tourism:

Dubri Sanctuary - Bastua gate, Salaiya gate, Kothar Badkadol Gate

Buffer Zones for Tourism:

Amjhar, Aamgaon, Kusmi and Songarh are entry gates.

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