Official accommodation facility available in Bastua, Bhuimand, Pondi, Kusmi, Dubri, Jogdaha and Bagdara can be booked in advance during the office hour. Spot facility is only applicable and the right of reservation lies with the field director Sanjay Tiger Reserve.

Contact Details of Office of Field Director: , 07822-252409 Email ID:

Circuit house/forest rest house Reservation or contact officer Contact No.
Eco centre Bastua Asst. Director 9424793670
Eco centre Bhuimand RO-Bastua 9424793678
Rest house Pondi RO- Mohan 9424793671
Rest house Kusmi
Rest house Dubri SDO/RO, Dubri 9424793673,9424793674
Rest house Jogdaha SDO/RO, Son 9424793686,9424793687
Rest house Bagdara (for Bagdara Sanctuary) SDO/RO, Bagdara 9424793681,9424793682
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