Topography and Geography

Sanjay Tiger Reserve is situated on the north-eastern part of the state of MP and is bordered by Guru Ghasidas National Park in the south, of which it was a part before the formation of Chhattisgarh in the year 2000. The terrain of Dubri sanctuary is almost plain while that of Sanjay National Park is hilly. The soil is sandy in nature.

Topographically the Sidhi district can be divided into three zones; namely

  • Vindhyan Hills or Kaimour Range - Rampur Naikin block and some part of Sidhi block.
  • Gondwana Zone – Kusmi block and some part of Majhauli block. (Flow in Gopad Banas river zone).
  • Archean Zone – Some part of Sidhi, Devsar and Chitrangi blocks.
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